Working for DEVELOPMENT of Every person and the Whole person individually and in community!

We are part of the 3000 Spiritans working in over 57 countries. We have been serving in Ethiopia since 1972. We minister in areas for which the Church has difficulty in finding workers.

Our Vision

A society where everyone,

 especially the disadvantaged, 

have life and have it to the full.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Living the faith with respect and openness towards other people’s culture, customs and belief
  • Solidarity with the most disadvantaged
  • Professionalism: working to the highest possible standard in line with best practice in the discipline
  • Working in collaboration with Government, churches, communities and donors

Our Mission

The proclamation of the Good News

of the Kingdom of God,

especially to the most disadvantaged,

 through pastoral and

development work.

Please click here to read full code of ethics of SCORE.


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