Spiritans in Ethiopia

Our modern-day presence in Ethiopia began in 1972. We took up ministry in two regions – Borana Zone of Oromiya Region and Gamo Gofa and South Omo Zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region.

In Borana land a primary evangelization program, which made every effort to respect the local religious and social attitudes of the Borana people, is developed. We introduced the Gospel through the channels of dialogue that showed respect for the Borana culture. Education is an integral part of our ministry. We run three primary schools as well as two boys and girls hostels in Yabello and Dubluq for secondary school students. Boranaland is part of Vicariate of Hawassa.

In Gamo Gofa the presence of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was widespread. We have tried in every way possible to remove the scandal of division from evangelization by collaborating with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in her missionary effort, while welcoming those who wish to join the Catholic Church (eg. Amaro) and giving pastoral care to Catholics. Gamo Gofa was part of the Vicariate of Jimma, then Nekemte, and since 1993 is part of the Vicariate of Soddo-Hosanna, now since 2013 Vicariate of Sodo. Development work, in particular under the form of a community-based program, has been developed.

There are now six Spiritan communities in Ethiopia.

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