Spiritans worldwide

Our congregation was founded by a young man, Claude Poullart des Places (1679-1709), in 1703 in Paris, France. Now there are over 2,800 Spiritans working in over 62 countries around the globe. Learn more  

Spiritans in Ethiopia

The modern-day presence of the Spiritans in Ethiopia began in 1972 when two groups, Irish and Dutch/American, arrived separately. On May 1st, 2001, the two groups became one.

The Dutch/American group began mission in Dhaddim, near Yabello, in 1973. The mission focused from the beginning on education as well as first evangelization. A medical programme was added in 1981, when the Medical Missionaries of Mary came to Dhaddiim. From 1990, Nigerian members joined and more recently members from Eastern Africa, and Western Africa have come to work in Ethiopia. The congregation has also gotten local vocations.

The Irish group began in 1972 in Arba Minch, Gamo Gofa. By the 1980s, there were over twenty missionaries made up of volunteers, Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa, Medical Missionaries of Mary and Spiritans, running five missions – Arba Minch, Chencha, Saula, Jinka and Dimeka.

From its earliest days, the mission in Gamo Gofa and South Omo followed a policy of working through local government and structures on integrated community-based development program.

Also, since 1972 there has been a community in Addis Ababa, catering for special ministries in seminaries and schools.

In 2013, all Spiritan works in Ethiopia were made to form one program through a program SCORE (Spiritan Community Outreach Ethiopia). For administrative reasons, SCORE has two equally important wings: 1) Pastoral and 2) Social Development. Currently, the Social development office has 82 employees.