Climate threat and ineffective natural resource management are key factors for the vicious circle of poverty and low yields in both the agrarian and agro pastoralist communities we work in. The management of resources such as soil, water, land and trees is critical to ensure sufficient yields but adherence to traditional farming and pastoralism practices, population pressure, overgrazing and over exploitation of land have resulted in soil degradation and poor soil quality. Land degradation is a serious problem that is leading to loss of vegetation cover and loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In addition to natural factors erratic rainfall and erodible soils, these all have contributed to poor levels of production and productivity. Furthermore, the growing population requires more fuel wood and more agricultural production which increases the need for new farmland, accelerating the exploitation of already degraded land. There is also inadequate knowledge about advantages of crop diversification in the area. This perpetuates poor production, poor nutrition, food insecurity and lack of income. Water shortage is an ongoing problem, exacerbated by lack of irrigation systems.

We engage in conservation agricuture, livestock breed improvment, income diverstification, and market linkages.