Young trainees trained in mechanics, driver and vocational skills by post project SCORE

As a means of capacity building Education has been at the forefront of our endeavor. In the southern regions of Ethiopia, especially Borena.In order to give the pastoral population the means to build on their own future, diversify their activities and skills and enter  into other sectors of the society, we built a Kindergarten in Dimeka and Dhadim, primary schools in Dhadim, Dhoqolle and Dharito, and hostels in Yabello and Dubluk for both boys and girls to allow for ongoing education in the High Schools of Yabello and Dubluk. Furthermore assistance has been granted for higher education where possible These efforts have paid off and are still paying off by providing both boys and girls the opportunity  to enter into a profession as doctors, nurses,  judges, administrators, teachers and the like, while many are functioning in NGO’s helping their own communities. At the same time assistance is given to a number of government schools in the countryside. Education is very much part of our Pastoral Program as well : Evangelization through Education.