©SCORE- Dore Abebe, farmer from Enchete Kebele Benatsemay woreda.

As half part the society, women are the heart of society and family. However, women were not been equally benefited compared to their contribution to the world. Furthermore, Women in rural Ethiopia and peripheral areas are more vulnerable and disadvantaged. That is why, SCORE interventions are focused on rural Ethiopia where economic and social injustice is high, women and children are more vulnerable and need someone’s support. SCORE strives to see ”a society where everyone, especially the disadvantaged, have life and has it to the full.”,

On this special day, we want to renew our commitment to go until we see women are equally benefiting from resources, and enjoy natural given rights. In addition, we want to celebrate the achievements regarding women’s equality.

In the picture; Dore Abebe, from Enchete Kebele Shelle Balayisa sub-village, Dore is one of the women being supported by SCORE “Integrated Response to people affected by locust” project being implemented in South Omo Zone Benatsemay and Hamer woreda.

SCORE has celebrated the International women’s day with women who are harvesting onion yields, which is being produced by women as recovery measures from locust infestation.

March 8, 2022